Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2018 Oishi Demon Hunter Editor/Sound Editor Defy/Apogee
2017 Fathom Events (various) Editor Trailer Park
2016 Paul Duke Editor Mili Pictures
2014 Knell Knook House Director Legend of Katie
2014 Game of Fail Director/co-editor Legend of Katie/Youtube Space LA
2013 Lookbook: The Series Editor Alliecine
2013 Youtube channel trailers for Fullscreen Editor Big Picture Entertainment
2013 Primetime Emmy Awards, Photosplash BTS Editor Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
2013 Yellow Blood Director/Editor Stratifilm
2012 1 More Hit Editor Smart Girl Productions
2011 Donor Editor Nocompany
2011 Zineb's Journey Editor Global Film Project
2011 Promo - Telemundo Editor BPG Advertising
2011 Hopelessly in June Editor Cornbread Films
2010 Toyota - Texas Regional Dealerships additional offline editor Troika
2009 MSG Varsity Channel Promos Offline editor Troika
2009 The Hydra Executives Senior Editor All 4 Media/Showtime Arabia
2008 CW Promo Editor Belief Design
2008 Costa Rican Summer Editor Project 8 Films/Velocity Entertainment
2008 Honda Promo - Chicago Auto Show Editor Belief